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The Fit House is an independent neighbourhood fitness studio making people and our community healthier for life. We bring people of all ages and abilities together through exercise. We Our services include: personal training, small group training and fitness classes. Our family of knowledgable, committed coaches are ready to support you all the way.

The way our sessions are planned and delivered is all about ensuring you ENJOY your time with us and ENJOY exercise. We all know that if you enjoy doing something you’re more likely to stick to it and reap the benefits. 


We started The Fit House to bring health and fitness to our local community. We want to be your home away from home. Where everybody knows your name and cares about your journey. We host regular socials and encourage you to get your family and friends involved with us too. The Fit House is for everyone, at every stage and every age. We are more than a gym, we’re The Fit House family. 


Our expert coaches have the experience and tools to keep you on track, even when you’re away from the studio. We hate seeing people train aimlessly, injure themselves and lose motivation. Hence why we only run coach led sessions. Every time you train, you’re under the watchful eye of a professional either at class or in personal training.


All of this fun and hard work will lead to other changes in your life.  When you put yourself in a position of difficulty (your coach says “just one more burpee!”) you build resilience, discipline and confidence. Pushing yourself at the gym, turning up when you don’t feel like it. All those little moments lead to bigger life changes. And if you can be disciplined at the gym, you will find confidence and discipline in other areas you never expected. 


After putting in all of this high quality work, you need time to look after yourself too. If you burn the candle too hard it only leads to stress and problems (or injury) later on. We pride ourselves on educating our clients not only on exercise, but nutrition and lifestyle too. We believe in that 80/20 life. 80% on track, 20% fun. Follow our social media for plenty of education and advice. 


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