Small Group Personal Training – coming soon!

Small Group PT will be launching later this summer. We can’t wait to bring you the same top-quality coaching and focus of personal training with the motivation of a class dynamic. Introducing SGPT, bringing you the best of both worlds without breaking the bank.



SGPT provides more of what you need to get the results you want.  Focus, a progressive programme and it’s more cost effective than 1:1 PT. Plus, we’re going to run multiple slots, so you can find a session that works for you. Your fitness goals are all unique. We’ll help you to set objectives and plan for how to achieve them.


All of this adds up to a fitness plan that you’ll get better results from whilst still having a great time. So, you’re more likely to stick at it.


What does it involve?

  • 2 x 45 min SGPT sessions per week
  • Online app membership, which tracks:
    • Programming
    • Nutrition
    • Daily habit reminders
  • 2 bonus group classes per week (a total of 16 sessions, 4 per week)


When will it start?

We plan to start late July / early August. In the meantime, we are finalising the testing of fitness apps and making sure that we’ve got everything right so that it’s the best possible service for you.


What time are the sessions?

We will start with Tuesday and Friday 7.15am – 8am. As sessions get busy and demand grows, we will add more sessions to the timetable.


How will it work?

SGPT membership will be a rolling 4 weekly commitment

2 x 45 min sessions per week PLUS bonus 2 group class passes

Book into sessions via LegitFit

How many people will be in sessions?

A maximum of 8 people.


What’s the cost?

It will be a 4 weekly payment of £200 to include:

8 SGPT sessions and 8 group classes which works out at £12.50 per session.

And you’ll have access to our new app for FREE to track workouts, nutrition and get daily habit reminders too.


Is there a minimum commitment?

You’ll need to commit to the first three blocks in order to see the full benefits. After that it will be a rolling 4 week plan. Payment (£200) will be taken on the 1st working day of the new block for the 4 weeks ahead. For anyone who completed the survey, the first payment will be just £170.


What will we do in the sessions?

Each session will follow a set format.

5 min warm up

10-12 mins lower body strength

10-12 mins upper body strength

10 mins cardio / fitness

5 min cool down


Total 45 mins allowing time to change exercises / set up weights etc.


How will I know if I’m getting results?

All the session plans will be available on the app. You’ll be able to track your workouts and nutrition on the app. You can see your progress week to week and as more sessions are added each week, you’ll be able to see the programme for the whole week.



Places are limited to 8 at the start. If you’re IN for top-quality coaching and focus of personal training with the motivation of a class dynamic, make sure you sign up for SGPT when we open our first spaces! Message Robin to secure your spot in advance.


We’re also running a MASSIVE offer in conjunction. The first 10 people to join SGPT will be put into a hat to WIN 1 place on the Fit House Retreat to Devon this coming September. More info coming soon.