We’ve got a great range of classes. Come join us!


Box Fit

Get fighting fit! Box Fit will incorporate boxing pad work with overall fitness. It's a great way to learn something new, relieve some stress, hit it out and get sweating! Please bring your own gloves & pads if possible.



Strength training from head to toe. Full body strength training targeting every muscle group. Lift weights correctly. Improve posture, increase muscle, improve your metabolic rate, protect your joints and get STRONG!



This cardio blasting course will get your heart racing, blood pumping and lungs on fire. Designed to improve your cardiovascular capacity and strengthen your heart - it is an all-out endorphin rush. There will be sweat...and fun!



An interval style training class using equipment and your own bodyweight. The class will get you sweating, your heart racing, test your energy systems and rev up your metabolism. If you love an all-out sweat, you’ve got to try it.


Flexible Strength

Improve your mobility, loosen off tight areas, improve posture, build strength around your joints and bulletproof your body. This is a must-have for everyone.