We’ve got a great range of classes. Come join us!


Kettlebells & Core

Learn how to master the kettlebell, build your strength and power, improve your skills and technique. Strengthen every body part and give your core a serious workout too.


Box & Core

Get fighting fit! Boxing technique work, boxing specific fitness stations, pad work & lots of core strength. For hygiene reasons, you’ll need to bring your own gloves & pads.



The perfect combination of strength and cardio. We will target every muscle group in the body with a strength section. Followed by a sweaty cardio blast to get the heart pumping and muscles burning.


Flexible Strength

Improve your mobility, loosen off tight areas, improve posture, build strength around your joints and bulletproof your body. This is a must-have for everyone.



Everyone (women and men) will be carrying, pulling, pushing, dragging, picking up and generally moving awkward, heavy things. Think tyre flips, loaded carries and sledgehammers. Get strong for basic movements you need in everyday life.



An interval style training class using equipment and your own bodyweight. The class will get you sweating, your heart racing, test your energy systems and rev up your metabolism. If you love an all-out sweat, you’ve got to try it.


Teen Girls

Build your daughters confidence and help her develop a healthy attitude to fitness and health. Classes are focused on learning the fundamentals of strength training, improving full-body strength and enjoying fitness. Age 11-16.


Mixed Teens

Basic strength and fitness for teens. A great way to learn the fundamentals and have fun at the same time. Classes include strength, fitness and games. Age 11-16.


The Beast

Not for the fainthearted. For those who love the grind and want push themselves to the limit. Don't come with excuses. There will be burpees….