Client Spotlight – Marc Henri & Anthony

This month we want to give our clients Marc Henri and Anthony a shoutout! The two friends do a small group personal training session each week with coach Katie and we asked them to tell you more about their achievements and experiences.

What do you enjoy about the Fit House?

Marc Henri: I really like the atmosphere, the relationship between coaches and clients. The level of commitment from the coaches – we continued to do PT sessions throughout the pandemic, one day I was outside training in the snow!

Anthony: My PT session is a regular highlight of my week, I get a real buzz from it.

What keeps you coming?

Anthony: At 62 I want to stay fit and healthy to enjoy life and my personal training session is key to that. I get a real buzz from PT and even though we work hard, I’m on a high by the time we get to the end of the session.

Marc Henri: It’s always difficult to wake up early and go to the gym, sometimes I arrive half asleep and not sure what I’m doing there! That said, I always end the session tired but full of energy to start my day.

Tell us about Katie?

Marc Henri: When I joined the gym I was afraid a coach would try to turn me into a bodybuilder! Katie’s approach is perfect for me. She really listens to my goals (running faster and longer) and gave me confidence. She challenges me the right way.

Anthony: Katie has been absolutely fantastic. She’s super friendly and encouraging, but she also knows her stuff. We work hard, we have a laugh, and I look forward to the next session!

What have you achieved?

Marc Henri: Recently I ran a race in Chalfont St Peter and won the 11km run. It was not my original goal but Katie challenged me to run a race and it was a great reward. In November I ran 19km and I’m on track to do a half marathon in June.

Anthony: It’s great for all-round fitness, as we focus on different muscle groups and I’m pushed to do a few more pull ups or work with a higher weight than I used the week before. There’s always a bit of a challenge in what we do and a real sense of satisfaction in seeing my fitness levels improve.