Success stories


This month we’ve nominated Rupa as client of the month. For her dedication, consistency, amazing attitude and therefore…..amazing results!

Rupa has been training 4 x per week including: HIIT, STRONG and semi private PT sessions. She also did some nutrition coaching with Frazer and had regular check-ins to monitor her results. Not only that but she made a real effort to be as active as possible during the day. She always brings a great attitude to training, she loves to push herself and relishes a challenge. Rupa you are a real pleasure to coach and we love having you in class and as part of the Fit House family! A huge well done from all of us on the coaching team.

We asked Rupa to tell you more….

What brought you to The Fit House?

Six months into maternity leave I was feeling overwhelmed by routine and decided that the baby factory had closed down (ie. I didn’t plan to have any more children!). I was ready to create some time for myself and find my identity again.

I have always enjoyed the gym and personal trained from time to time but the Fit House stood out as it provided a range of classes at practical times, so I knew that there would never be an excuse for missing the gym.

What were your goals and what have you achieved?

I’ve always used working out as a way to relax after work so my main goal was to regain a healthy and relaxed mindset. I feel like this was achieved almost immediately.

Sticking to routine and going to class was easy to fit into my schedule. The more I went the quicker I saw the benefits – I felt better, less anxious and overall more relaxed.

Secondary was losing my baby weight and fitting back into my old wardrobe and I have achieved more than I had set out to! I’m back into clothes more than a decade old – well before the babies arrived!

I have achieved more than I had set out to! I’m back into clothes more than a decade old.

What’s been key to your journey and success?

My key ingredients have been enjoying the journey and my husband’s support. Enjoying every session, watching myself get stronger and pushing myself a little harder. Embracing the dreaded burpee, the miracle of that first “proper” press up and then actually attempting a pull up! Being mindful of what I was eating, portion sizes and trying to be active by getting my steps in every day also played a major part.

My husband’s support – making sure he was always home in time for class to take over the kids – has meant that I have almost always managed to get to four sessions every week. He’s never complained about my diet changes and no doubt has reaped the benefits of a happier wife!

What changes have you made?

I have made some key lifestyle changes. I never considered myself an unhealthy eater, but I did some nutrition coaching with Frazer and he taught me to think about major food groups that were missing from my diet. He helped me to introduce more protein and vegetables into my diet and generally eat more than I have ever consumed but still consistently lose weight.

Frazer has helped me to think about all the empty calories I used to consume (wine!) and consider every meal in a different way. Instead of my old mindset of “eat less to lose weight” I now eat more of the right things for my body and making the right choices comes naturally. I still enjoy the odd glass of wine but am more likely to have a gin and slimline tonic.

Instead of my old mindset of “eat less to lose weight” I now eat more of the right things for my body

What are your favourite sessions, why?

STRONG – I love the challenge of body weight exercises and strength training, and being able to push myself a little harder each time.

Semi private PT: I am now notorious for rescheduling meetings (and my husband’s) to fit in a group PT session! It’s a great way to get close to a 1:1 session and get an intense workout.

What’s different about the Fit House compared to other places you’ve been to or workouts you’ve tried?

Hands down, no questions – Rachel, Frazer and Robbie! They’re definitely what makes the Fit House stand out in comparison to any gym I have been a member at (many!!). They have launched a platform that works for people like me that want to see results, they enjoy what they do and it shows in the way they are invested in your journey. They are constantly pushing me in their own ways and have built a fun, friendly and community feel environment. I’ve met some great people at the Fit House which makes every session enjoyable.

a fun, friendly and community feel environment

Are there any other benefits that you hadn’t expected?

Watching my four year old son curiously ask me what nutrients he has on his plate 🙂


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