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Katie shares her transformation journey, from the initial changes she experienced through training and then reaching her goals through 1:1 nutrition with Frazer. Achieving her seemingly elusive dream weight in time for her (almost but covid-postponed) wedding.

From Katie in her own words….

“Getting lean in lockdown”

My weight-loss journey didn’t actually begin during the COVID-19 lock-down. It started when I joined The Fit House family back in February 2019, after an over-indulgent Christmas landed me at my heaviest weight to date: 11st 10lbs / 74.39 kg.

I was desperate for a change but couldn’t face the thought of trying yet another fad diet, which would inevitably last a few weeks and then I would end up right back where I started. Keto, 5:2, Paleo, intermittent fasting…you name it I’ve probably tried it!

In my first year at The Fit House, I lost just over a stone by attending 3-4 gym classes a week and making a conscious effort to eat healthier meals during the week (safe to say the weekends were a little less healthy!).

I was always greeted by a friendly face at the gym and the people I worked out with were no longer strangers, but friends who all shared the same love of working out and the same desire to get fit whilst having fun.

the people I worked out with were no longer strangers, but friends

When I got engaged in April 2019, I found myself with a big date in 2020 to work towards and a dream dress that I needed to fit into!

Why did you start nutrition coaching?

There came a point at the start of this year when I was attending 5 gym classes a week and just couldn’t seem to lose any more weight. I was 10st 5lbs /63.5kg, and was hoping to be around 9 stone by my wedding day in July. I’m always hearing that weight loss can only be achieved when there is a balance between exercise and diet, so clearly something wasn’t right with what I was eating and drinking.

I reached out to Frazer at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. I was so scared that I would lose my fitness and gain weight when the gym was forced to close. With no 2-hour commute and no social distractions, it felt like a good time to focus on my health and get lean in lockdown! Frazer spent a lot of time educating me on the nutrition process, helping me to understand the science, we set realistic goals and made a training plan too. He checked in with me on a regular basis and offered support when I needed it, both of which were a huge help. I committed to his plan and it has really paid off.

What is the biggest thing you have learnt from the nutrition coaching?

Where do I even begin…I learnt so much that couldn’t possibly pick just one thing so I’ve decided to list a few!

Where do I even begin…I learnt so much that couldn’t possibly pick just one thing

Eggs are amazing. Not only are they amazing for breakfast, but I love putting poached eggs on my dinner or making small egg-muffins to snack on during the day. They are an amazing source of protein and fat and are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of protein.

I was worried that being on a low-calorie diet would mean that I would be hungry all the time, but this simply isn’t the case. Vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, and salad) are very low calorie, so I can eat a mountain of them at each meal and still have calories left-over for snacks!

Try and eat a variety of different proteins during the week my favourites are pork tenderloin, turkey mince, chicken breasts and sea bass filets. They are all very lean and relatively low calorie compared to many red meats and salmon. I tend to make 4 portions in the evening and then have leftovers for lunch with a salad the next day.

Don’t go silent on Frazer when you’ve messed up. On numerous occasions I have gone silent after a naughty weekend of food/drink and would get a text asking if I was alive on the Monday. He is a very understanding coach…and will tweak your diet/exercise for the next few days to correct your mistakes. It’s all about planning for these events – as long as you stick to the calories, these can include wine and chocolate on the odd occasion!

Invest in a good protein powder. I love My Protein – Whey Strawberry Milkshake because it works brilliantly blended up with some frozen berries, spinach and almond milk for an afternoon snack! Getting enough protein is so important and protein powder is a great supplement to hit the necessary high protein goals on the food app!

I used to think I was being super healthy by eating things like sweet potato, feta, avocado, nuts etc. Although these are great in small quantities, it’s so important not to overlook the calorie content in these foods!

What would you advise others when trying to lose weight from what you have learnt?

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to weight loss. Doing diets and counting calories can become really boring after a while. With the nutrition programme that the Fit House have devised, your calorie allowance changes regularly, how many carbs, fats and proteins you consume also varies, so this keeps things really interesting. It is so crucial to see your body as an individual and unique system, and not one that will automatically conform to a common fad diet. Using the programme to learn about what your body can and can’t process really allows you to not only control your weight, but also helps with muscle growth and mental wellbeing. I have never felt so healthy, happy and beautiful in my entire life, and I cannot thank the Fit House team enough for the last few years.

I have never felt so healthy, happy and beautiful in my entire life, and I cannot thank the Fit House team enough for the last few years.

The outcome
On the 8th July I stepped onto the scales and weighed in at 9st / 57kg on the dot, achieving my weight loss goal just 2 days before my planned wedding date. Safe to say I cried like a baby and can remember very clearly messaging Frazer (at 7am in the morning) to share the good news.

I was so happy when he responded 2 minutes later with “Boom bloody boom!! That is the body’s response to correct calorie control, adequate protein, weight training and overall activity levels! You have done it!!

I am so proud of my achievements, but it also means so much to me that I have done Frazer and the Fit House Team proud – I simply wouldn’t have managed it without them. Since completing phase 1 of my nutrition programme, I have climbed Snowdon, hiked Helvellyn and now run 5 miles (for fun!) all I can say is bring on phase 2 of this crazy journey!

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