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This month we have nominated Elliot as our client of the month. Elliot has worked his socks off with both his training and nutrition to get in shape for 2019 and he has come a long way! Not only that, he is great fun to have in the gym, an inspiration to other clients and has found training much more rewarding than just a number on the scale.

Elliot has been training at The Fit House since we first started but made a serious dedication over the past 3 months to get into his best ever shape ahead of a trip to Vegas with friends. As you may have seen on our social media pages, he has dramatically changed his weight and shape.

Elliot’s results between 2nd September and 11th November (12 weeks)

Weight loss 13.9kg (30.6lbs / 2 stone 2lbs)
Neck 43cm – 39cm (1.5″)
Chest 117cm – 105cm (4.7″)
Belly button 112cm – 91cm (8.2″)
Arm 36cm – 35cm (0.4″)

We asked Elliot to tell you more about his experience

What brought you to The Fit House?

I’ve been to a number of different gyms and never had the confidence to go into the weight section before. I felt that I didn’t have enough knowledge. I knew I wanted to lose weight and build muscle and having been to the cricket club for a few years I knew I’d feel at ease around the people and instructors at The Fit House.

You’ve been through a “transformation” with Frazer. Can you tell us what it involved?

Although I’ve been training at The Fit House for over a year, I recently pushed myself further and started a 12-week programme to drop weight and get into good shape in time for a trip to Vegas with friends. I combined 1 x personal training session each week with classes, nutrition with Frazer and walking at least 15k steps per day. I drank and ate less, improved the quality of my food and moved a lot more than usual.

It was not only the obvious things such as 1 to 1 personal training sessions and group classes that made a difference, but Frazer taught me that little changes such as walking to the gym and healthier food would all add up and help make a change. This also helped adapt my mindset.

How have training and the changes to your nutrition impacted you in ways you didn’t expect?

The weight loss was a huge but expected difference, but training on a regular basis and changing my diet has really increased my mental health and overall wellbeing. I’m a much happier and more positive person. I really didn’t expect to be feeling as confident as I do. I’ve even helped others get into the gym and start training which is really all down to the programme I took part in.

I’ve fallen in love with training, it’s very motivating receiving compliments from people on how great I look and how well I’ve done.

How do you manage your food/nutrition and training around your shift work?

Working shifts actually helped me out. After a morning class I had a good few hours to meal prep before going to work, which would mean I had already planned the exact meals and snacks that I’d be having that day. If I was on an early shift I’d have had time the previous day to plan out those meals, such as porridge and scrambled eggs.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

That depends on my shifts, but usually I have one PT session a week with Frazer and then hit the classes or do my own session (programmed by Frazer) 4-5 days a week on top. If working late I’m able to do a morning class and the opposite if I am working early. Success is all in the planning and looking ahead. Generally, I get 5-6 workouts a week done, including classes and one personal training session. I walk 15,000 steps per day or more.

I also love to play golf and walking the golf course helps me increase my step count each day too, so it’s win win!

How have you found ways to increase your overall activity levels?

I touched on this earlier but small changes such as walking to the gym, taking the stairs and carrying my golf bag instead of using a trolley have all added to my overall activity. Also, if I haven’t reached my target step count for the day I walk on the treadmill whilst watching tv in the evening.

What do you like about The Fit House?

I love how friendly and family orientated it is, it’s genuinely really easy to talk and get on with people. The trainers are brilliant too. Frazer is always checking in with me and making sure that I stay on track.

Which sessions do you enjoy most?

Strong classes were and still are my favourite, but also a Monday evening HIIT class is great as everyone there is so motivated to start the week the right way.

What’s next?

Frazer and I have sat down, the plan is to make this routine a long term one. One of my own personal goals is to try and help others with all the new knowledge I have and to keep them motivated as well.

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