Why is strength training so important for runners?

Strength training can make a massive difference to your running in two major ways. Let’s break these down into a few key points.


  • Performance
  • Injury prevention


Run faster and for longer

Having stronger bones, joints and muscles gives us more power to take off from the floor with each step. Running faster isn’t just down to fitness or mental fortitude, it is also the direct result of a stronger body which can propel us faster and more efficiently off the ground.

Improve running gait and reduce fatigue

One of the reasons we get tired from training is that our muscles and joints struggle to cope with the demand placed upon them. If we have stronger muscles, they are better equipped to handle longer and faster runs.


If we have enough strength in our muscles and reduce imbalance between muscles, our body can move more efficiently. Just think – if you have little strength in the muscle which lifts the knee to run, eventually you will be shuffling and not running efficiently.

Protect your bones and joints

Whilst running keeps us fit (i.e. our heart and lungs get stronger and more efficient), it does very little to keep us strong or to protect our joints. To have strong, mobile joints we need to do strength training.


Many studies have shown that strength training plays a role in slowing bone loss and building bone strength. Hugely important particularly as bone density (and muscle mass) starts to decrease from age 35. Stress fractures and shin splints are particularly common in runners.


Appropriate resistance training ensures the muscles, ligaments and tendons of our joints become stronger and more supportive. They work better, can take more load and are less likely to be painful or become injured.

Incur less running injuries

Many injuries are the direct result of muscle imbalance, weak joints, overtraining, poor technique and placing demand on a body that is not strong enough to handle the load.


Strength training helps to body to overcome most of these issues. It can address:

  • muscle imbalance and weaknesses
  • improve joint stability, health and mobility
  • improve running gait and technique by increasing strength of the relevant muscles
  • help us to fun faster for longer


Join the Fit House at the 2022 GX Fun Run on 22nd May 

The Fit House are one of the gold sponsors at this year’s GX Fun Run. There are lots of ways to get involved. If you’re a Fit House client, come and run with one of our teams – speak to your coach today. Cost is £15pp for entry which goes straight to GX Fun Run charities.

We are also offering all Fun Run participants the opportunity for help with training.

  • Home training plan – launches in March watch our blog page and emails from the Fun Run team
  • 8 week LIVE training with Fit House – 2 x weekly dedicated GX Fun Run preparation fitness sessions. Session 1 – running fitness & technique in Gerrards Cross. Session 2 – running specific strength, mobility, rehabilitation and injury prevention at the Fit House. The cost: £240pp (for 16 sessions).  Days & times TBC by 31st February 2022. More information to follow from GX Fun Run organisers.
  • Personal Training: for an individually tailored programme and a knowledgeable coach to help you prepare for the run (and any other health & fitness goals).
    We are offering GX Fun Run participants a buy 8 get 2 free deal between 1st April and 22nd June. This will be available via our online store or at the studio.
    Enquire about personal training: https://www.thefithouse.co.uk/join/
  • Group Classes: a range of classes to get you fit, strong and mobile. Our classes will help you get race fit. Book a free trial class: https://www.thefithouse.co.uk/timetable/
  • PHYSIOTHERAPY: our physio partner Matthew at Whitson Wellness is available at The Fit House in Chalfont St Peter to help with running gait analysis, injury assessment, rehabilitation & prevention and sports massage.
    • Between 1st April – 1st June
    • 10% of any physio appointment for all runners. Includes injury assessment and treatment.
    • Booking link: https://whitsonwellness.connect.tm3app.com
    • Contact Matt: tel 07969253257 email [email protected]
    • Gx Fun Run Physio Package £100
      • 45minute running gait analysis
      • 30 minute sports massage
    • On the day – free of charge
      • Physio support
      • Pre and post sports massage
      • Taping & strapping