New coaches on the team

Since Covid we have had some really exciting coaches join the team. Passionate, educated and down to earth professionals. If you haven’t seen us since March 2020, you’ll be able to meet them in person soon! Here’s a bit more about Katie, Tom and Ophelia. They are all teaching on the timetable and available for PT coaching too. 

Tom Curtis

The athletic diabetic! Tom played rugby at the Wasps Academy as a youngster. He loves to make hard workouts enjoyable for his clients. His high level of compassion isn’t to be mistaken for weakness, he’s lovely but tough!

Tom: “I’ve seen a high demand for people wanting a better and healthier lifestyle and so why not start with a bit of exercise! It’s my job and passion to help whoever I can whenever I can!


Strength training
Diabetes & exercise
Sports conditioning
Youth training

Coaching style

Enthusiastic and organised

Ophelia Kingham-Head

Many of you know Ophelia from the village, we’re thrilled to have her teaching at The Fit House. Ophelia has many years of experience as a fitness instructor. She coaches classes from box fit to tabata, body conditioning and spin. Ophelia regularly teaches at well known studios including Stoke Park, Ride 45, Hillingdon Leisure Center and Nuffield Health. She loves to have a giggle but is ready to put you through your paces.


Group training
Body conditioning
Basic strength

Coaching style

Fun loving

Katie Dibbs

Sports scientist and self proclaimed foodie. Katie swam for her university, at national level and has trained in athletics, triathlon and cycling. A recent graduate, she wrote her thesis on the impact of social media on teenage health. She’s a believer in creating sustainable habits for a healthy lifestyle.


Strength training
Athletic performance

Coaching style

Functional and focused