New classes launch 29th March

Woohoo – we’re back in person from 29th March

We have got a whole host of new classes for you, starting on Monday 29th March 2021.

Here’s a bit more information about them and below is the full timetable. You can find all this information and book your sessions on the class timetable page of the website.

Box & Core

Boxing is back but bigger and better. Sessions will include technique work, boxing specific fitness, pad work & lots of core work. For hygiene reasons, you’ll need to bring your own gloves & pads. These can be purchased easily and cheaply online in advance. If you’re not comfortable being on the pads – don’t worry, we can arrange alternative exercises or teach you!

METCON – “metabolic conditioning”

The class will incorporate interval style training using various equipment (e.g. slam balls, ropes, dumbbells) and your own bodyweight too. Teamwork will feature as well as individual efforts. The class will get you sweating, your heart racing, test your energy systems and rev up your metabolism. If you love an all-out sweat, you’ve got to try it.

Kettlebells & Core

Learn how to master the kettlebell, build your strength, improve your skills and technique. We will hit every body part with this functional movement session and give your core a serious workout too!


Strongman is the “sport” of the world’s strongest man competition. Everyone (women and men) will be carrying, pulling, pushing, dragging, picking up and generally moving awkward heavy things. It’s designed to be great fun, get you super strong and transfers to all the basic movements you need for everyday life. Like carrying tired children or picking up heavy suitcases! You’ll be carrying weights, flipping tyres, slamming ropes, throwing the sledgehammer and more.


The perfect combination of strength and fitness. We will target every muscle group in the body with a strength workout. Followed by a sweaty “finisher” to get the heart pumping and muscles burning.

The Beast

Not for the fainthearted. For those who love the grind and who love to push themselves to the limit. There will be burpees….


Covid-19: classes will be socially distanced. Please bring your own mats (and boxing gloves) where possible. If you have any Covid signs or symptoms please do not attend but go and get tested. All sessions must be booked in advance. Cancellations: please cancel as early as possible if necessary to enable someone else to attend.

March 29 timetable