LIVE online training during lockdown

We are running live online training sessions during lockdown, to ensure you continue to get the highest possible level of service from us. 

Classes and personal training sessions will be available to paying clients via Zoom technology. All our coaches are still teaching and will see you online!

We have a comprehensive class schedule which you can find on our class timetable page. Find the updated timetable on our website now. 

How to join classes

  • Get in touch with us directly at 07817 107314 or [email protected]
  • Set up your monthly class payment 
  • You will be added to the client WhatsApp list and or closed FaceBook group 
  • Class details will be announced 15 minutes before each class via these two channels
  • You can join on your laptop, phone.

For personal training 

  • Please get in touch direct to organise

All sessions are charged at the usual rate. As a small local business, we are doing our best to provide continued service to clients at this time. Sadly, we cannot afford to provide this service free of charge if we want to stay in business long term. If you are not on a monthly package, we must please ask you to contact us to set up monthly payment for access to classes.