Gym refurbishment 2020

The studio has undergone a refresh and refurb.

New floor – There is a beautiful new green turf flooring. No more slipping and sliding on the wood. Nice and soft. Great for bear crawls, stretching (and burpees!).

Fresh lick of paint – We had a full paint job upstairs and downstairs – it’s looking fresh.

Water fountain – There is a much-needed water fountain upstairs in the studio. When you come back in to the gym, please bring a water bottle to fill up. Covid safety means we can’t have people drinking directly from it.

Sound system – an amazing speaker system that sounds amazing and looks just as good too!

Kit – we’ve got some cool new kit for the gym including: tractor tyres, loaded sled, slam balls, kettlebells and a sledgehammer.

Thank you’s

Some very special clients & friends have helped us with these renovations. A massive thank you to Martin Finn, Sean McCullagh & Pete Tierney (TGM Contractors) for the flooring, Geordie for the amazing paint job. Ronnie Fagan for the water fountain. Tristan Tunstall for the sound system.

You have helped us pull together as a community to take the gym to the next level!