Free PE classes give Joe Wicks competition!

Joe Wicks, yes he’s good but we’re better!

With the onslaught of the 3rd lockdown, it became many children were not getting regular exercise and parents were at a loss as to how to keep their kids active, help them concentrate on their schoolwork and also maintain their own parental sanity. So we decided to follow in Joe Wick’s footsteps with a free PE class for primary school children. But we wanted to go one step further. Let’s make it interactive, let’s help children learn about their bodies, let’s stimulate their brains. It could be so much more than just having them follow someone clowning around to the beat.

“Dylan loves doing PE with you and it’s better than Joe Wicks and his favourite thing is bear crawls”.

We put together our own free 30 minute PE class with a combination of quick reaction games, basic maths questions with answers filled out in a number of exercises, animal impressions and mini competitions (who can do the most press ups in 20 seconds!). Kids learnt about their own bodies – what the different muscles are and how to get them strong. They also competed in the Zoom Olympics with various sports impressions – Usain Bolt was seen doing his best 100m and the infamous “dab” in the living rooms of many families in Chalfont St Peter!

“I love doing PE with Fit House as it’s a great way to start the day and after you’ve done it you feel good and awake for the rest of the day. My favourite exercise is a sit up”!


Demand for the class, led by Rachel quickly took off. We were thrilled to have not only local families but also local primary schools join every week. St Josephs and Jordans Village School took part in the classes. Teachers streamed the workouts to their homeschooling pupils and key worker kids were able to participate in the classrooms.

“They help you get fit in a fun way and we like how they include animal impressions!”

Some of the feedback we received has been incredibly rewarding and thank you to all the parents who involved their children in what was an amazing 8 weeks together.

“He’s been in much better mood. He’s more engaged in his home learning and loved seeing some familiar faces on screen!”


It is a core belief at The Fit House that regular exercise is a fundamental and vital part of life for everyone at every age. We’re so glad we have the opportunity to help young children enjoy being active and to learn that exercise can be fun and not a chore. Health is wealth – that is true now more than ever before. The benefits of exercise go far beyond aesthetics, to self confidence, academic performance, resilience and long term good health (surviving Covid for example!).

“I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic session. You made it really fun and engaging.”


We are currently planning our summer camps for 2021. If you are interested in more information, please let us know [email protected] Or if you are a school and would like more information on private PE classes for your students, please also get in touch!