Client Testimonial – Will

This week we speak to one of Rachel’s clients. Will, a 38 year old tanker charterer, trained with Rachel for two years in Singapore. He did small group personal training in a group of 4, training helped him towards triathlon competition and to rehabilitate an old shoulder injury.

Can you summarise your training experience with Rachel?

I started training with Rachel as a group of 4 friends just over two years ago. I was fairly fit from cycling, sailing and some triathlons but always found myself wandering around the gym not knowing what to do or how to use the equipment properly. Rachel took the thinking out of it and created a fun, diverse and challenging program to help with core strength, outright strength and cardio. I also have a shoulder injury and she made sure that the exercises I was doing helped to stabilise and strengthen my shoulder 

What motivated you to start training?

I wanted to lose body fat and ‘find my core’ to aid my training for cycling and triathlon events. 

What were some of your goals when you started?

General fitness to begin with but my goals quickly changed to signing up for a half Ironman race after a short while training with Rachel 

What have been your greatest training achievements?

I would say that the format we had was quite competitive between the 4 of us in our group and I started being the weakest. Through training with Rachel I was able to quickly close the gap on them and even compete on some of the exercises. Rachel was always very motivational in our sessions and pushed me hard to get better. That and being able to move on from the pink weights and only managing about 3 pull ups!! 

What advice would you give to new clients? 

Get stuck in!!!! Rachel’s sessions are always tough but you feel great at the end!!! 

What did you enjoy about your workouts?

Rachel was always fun to be trained by, plenty of banter but she also pushed me hard which helped to gain results. 

How did you find Rachel as a trainer?

Rachel was a fantastic trainer for me. She listened to my training goals, developed a bespoke programme for me, helped with lots of suggestions about nutrition along the way and was always keeping a close eye on my technique and advising if was doing anything wrong or at risk of an injury. I completed my first half Ironman well inside my target time and I can safely say that training with Rachel got me over the line. Without our sessions my body would not have got around the course and I don’t think I would ever have found my elusive core!