Client Testimonial – Steve

Steve, 43, is a managing director with a major investment bank in Singapore. He trained with Frazer 5 days per week for 3 years, while Frazer was working in Singapore. Aside from developing a close friendship, the training helped Steve achieve some great results, not only physically but also mentally. We asked Steve to tell you more about his experience and “why’ personal training.

Can you summarise your training experience with Frazer?

Life changing.

What motivated you to start training?

Initially it was simply to get moving again and lose some weight. I had not trained for many many years and my work had me sitting down for hours on end. However, I was quickly motivated by something far greater – a need to challenge myself both physically and more importantly, test my mental toughness. Frazer set aspirational, medium term goals, whilst drafting a personalised programme to help me achieve them.

What have been your greatest training achievements?

2km row – 6m 47s
50 cal ski erg – 1m 45s
100 cal airdyne – 6 mins something, I can’t remember!
1 rep max barbell bench press – 105kg
Fat loss 29.4% to 14.6%
Half marathon – 2hrs 8mins

What advice would you give to new clients?

Take a medium to long term approach. Trust in the plan of your trainer and understand it’s a marathon not a sprint. Your life will absolutely change for the better.

What did you enjoy about your workouts?

Pushing myself to a level that is almost impossible to take yourself to when training on your own. Also taking on challenging exercises that you see others doing and being told by Frazer that we are going to do that. Shaking my head. Then within weeks making it happen.

How did you find Frazer as a trainer?

Extremely professional.