Client Testimonial – Jane

Jane on a run, something she’d never done before starting personal training

This week we ask Jane to tell you more about her experience and achievements training with Frazer. Jane, 43, was training 2-3 times per week, a mix of personal training and small group training with her colleagues for some team building. She went from strength to strength and got into a fantastic routine with her training and nutrition. She achieved some big personal goals and got into great shape. We asked Jane to tell you more herself.

Can you summarise your experience training with Frazer? 

Frazer was very good about understanding not only what my needs were, but also my ability. His sessions were always well planned and thought out, no session was the same. He makes you believe in yourself and pushes you to achieve the results you want. Hands down Frazer has been the best coach I’ve ever had and helped me get results I had not seen in years.

What motivated you to start training?

I had slowly become inactive due to workload and was not in a happy place personally.

What were some of your goals?

In all honesty, my goal was to become fitter and not be out of breath when walking. Losing weight was secondary to just feeling fitter and healthier.

Jane running a 10km race in Singapore

What achievements are you most proud of? 

I think my greatest training moments have been watching how much more I can do and having Frazer make those goals happen. I had never run, but I mentioned to Frazer that it was one of my goals. I have now done FOUR 10km races! He believed in me and got my body where it needed to be. It was also seeing the progressed with my strength and change in body shape.

What advice would you give to someone starting out with personal training? 

Keep going! Frazer knows exactly what he is doing and will get you the results you need. Believe in the process.

What did you enjoy most about your workouts? 

Frazer always made the sessions different and he has great banter!

How did you find Frazer as a coach?

Frazer is highly skilled at what he does, so you know you are in good hands. He is thoughtful, but delivers a hard session and gives the right encouragement so you believe in yourself.

Jane enjoying an outdoor workout with a friend