Client Testimonial – Emma

This week we speak to Emma, who trained with Rachel in preparation for her wedding. Over four months Emma dedicated herself to her training and nutrition. She lost 8kg and 7% body fat. She looked amazing and has pretty much maintained her amazing shape ever since she got into such good routine.

What prompted you to start training?

I started training with Rachel to get wedding ready.

What did you achieve through your personal training?

Rachel whipped me into shape in four months. I went from 68 to 60kg, dropped 7% body fat and was much more toned. It wasn’t just about weight loss, but also about getting fitter and stronger.

What did you enjoy about training?

Rachel introduced me to strength training. It completely changed how I train to this day. The sessions were tough, but we had a good gossip too and Rachel always kept it interesting with new challenges.

I would thoroughly recommend her as a trainer and am gutted that she is no longer in Singapore to make me throw tyres in 30 degree heat!