Client Testimonial – Alex, Maarten & the kids!

Alex, Maarten and their three kids enjoyed some great family workouts with Frazer. In Frazer, Maarten found a coach who helped him make a regular commitment to training, actually enjoy working out and thus get the results he wanted. He and his wife Alex then decided to do some family sessions to get the whole family involved and spend some quality time together.

Alex kindly told us a bit more about their family training sessions!

Tell us a bit about training with Frazer…

We trained with Frazer as a family. The children absolutely loved it.

All the exercises were well adapted to both us and the children so we could all do them and everyone got a really good workout whilst having a lot of fun and a bit of family competition! We always had a high energy work out with lots of fun.

What motivated you to start training as a family?

We wanted to train as a family to motivate the children to see how fun exercise can be and to make sure they did exercises in the correct way.  My husband trained one to one with Frazer regularly, but we thought it would be great fun in the holidays to train together.  It was a great way to start the day.

What were some of your goals for both you and for the kids? 

For my husband and I it was to get fitter and increase energy levels.  Our son plays rugby and we wanted him to gain some strength but to make sure he did exercises in the correct way.  Our middle daughter does a lot of sport but this was something a bit different for her and good to strengthen her in the right way.  Our youngest just enjoyed seeing how fun training can be.

What have been your greatest training achievements?

As a family, to train together was good for all of us. We saw ourselves get stronger and fitter together. A bit of competition between kids and parents made it all the more fun.

What advice would you give to new clients?

Get started right away! Don’t delay, it is so worth it and you will enjoy it!

What did you enjoy about your workouts?

Our sessions were challenging but always fun. Frazer is great at motivating you. Even on the days you really don’t feel like it you always feel better afterwards.

How did you find Frazer as a trainer?

The kids loved Frazer as he is so fun and chatty and a great role model for young athletes. He is best trainer any of us have ever had!