Client of the Month – Tavish

This month we’ve chosen Tavish Kumar as our Client of the Month! Tavish has been training at The Fit House for around 2 years. He has made dramatic improvements to his coordination, fitness and strength. He radiates positivity and happiness. Always happy to be in class, the first to strike up a conversation with someone, keen to learn and ready to get stuck in. Tavish is a pleasure to coach and we’re thrilled he is part of our Fit House family. His mum Rupa introduced him to the gym after she started attending classes and he has come on leaps and bounds.

How did you get started at The Fit House?

I got started at the Fit House because I wanted to improve all the aspects of my fitness e.g. cardio, strength, coordination and weight control. As I work as a chef I keep long irregular hours and find it very difficult to find an exercise routine. Fit House gave me the opportunity to have this routine. My mom was already going there and she introduced me to Fit House.

Can you describe your experience at The Fit House?

I have loved every experience at the Fit House since I joined. The classes are so much fun and there is a wide variety of classes every day which I enjoy. The instructors are so friendly and are a great help with improving my technique. They are also very encouraging and motivating.

The instructors are so friendly

How has training affected your life?

Given my dyspraxia I was particularly keen to improve my co-ordination and all the instructors were very helpful in coaching me on that.

What do you enjoy about the Fit House?

I also love the social side of Fit House and miss not being able to attend classes in person which I hope will resume soon (yes it will, March 29th!). Fit House has also made me health conscious. Ever since I started with Fit House I have become more active in general e.g. cycling and walking which I do more and more particularly during lockdown.

Ever since I started with Fit House I have become more active in general

We asked Tavish’s mum Rupa to explain why it was so important for her that Tavish join and enjoy The Fit House classes…

“Being active and healthy have always been important to me so when Tavish wanted to explore a regular fitness activity I was delighted to recommend Fit House to him. Having dyspraxia and ADHD affects his co-ordination and I wanted him to join a gym where he would be encouraged in a friendly environment. The Fit House team was able to do just that whilst recognising Tavish’s persevering and positive attitude which have helped him to improve tremendously. Tavish loves every minute he spends at the Fit House and has become a part of a community that makes him happy. He looks forward to the challenges the coaches give him. As a mum I couldn’t ask for more.” -Rupa

Tavish loves every minute he spends at the Fit House…as a mum I couldn’t ask for more.

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