Client of the Month – Anneka

Our first ever client of the month goes to Anneka Pommells. Anneka was one of the first ever clients to come through the doors at The Fit House and she has been a dedicated force to be reckoned with ever since! Anneka comes to classes at The Fit House 5-6 days per week, sometimes doing 2 sessions a day. She works her socks off at every session. She wants to learn more and to push herself. She has also been bringing her two young daughters age 6 and 10 to our kids and family classes. Encouraging kids to be active and spending quality family time with them is something we are passionate about at The Fit House and Anneka embodies this ethos fully!

Congratulations Anneka. Thank you for being such an amazing client. We can’t wait to see you continue your fitness journey with us!

We asked Anneka to tell you more about her experience at The Fit House in her own words.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello My name is Anneka and I live in Chalfont Saint Peter.

working hard but having fun!

How did you find out about The Fit House?

I first heard about The Fit House when Rachel and Frazer came into my work and they told me about the new business they were setting up. I was very interested in trying it out as I’ve always been into the gym but I find it hard to push myself and work my hardest. The first session I done I loved it. I’ve introduced a few people to the gym as well and they also decided to join.

Which classes do you go to?

I decided to try all the classes out and I loved them all. I was hooked. I joined as soon as my two week trial was up and I quit my previous gym. FIT Chic is great for the ladies who want to get toned, the HIIT class is great for cardio (and really gets you sweating) plus they have a strength class. It’s great. The MIX class is a bit of everything which is really good.

Anneka and her youngest daughter at FIT FAMILY

What sets The Fit House apart from other gyms?

I feel I get so much more out of their classes than I ever did from the gym.

Rachel and Frazer are really amazing gym instructors. They are amazing with the kids too. My 6 year old and 10 year old have also joined the kids classes and we all go together on Saturdays for family gym. The kids love it.

Here at The Fit House it’s so easy to get motivated and work your hardest. The classes are fun and they push you to the best of your ability. Rachel and Frazer are really good at correcting you when you’re doing an exercise wrong which is just what you need. There’s nothing worse than working out wrong.

The Fit House caters for the fit and the less fit people as they change it up for your own strength and abilities which is great.

with her girls at family class

“It’s such a family friendly gym”

It’s such a family friendly gym which is just what I needed. Some evenings when I have no childcare I bring the kids along with me while I work out. Rachel and Frazer are happy for the kids to sit quietly and watch so that I can still come along and work out which is amazing. You can’t do that at any regular gym.

I’m always telling people about The Fit House and asking them to come along with me.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying out some classes at The Fit House?

If you’re looking to get in shape and are bored of the usual gym then I honestly think The Fit House is for you.I couldn’t be happier that I’ve finally found something like this that I love. We all know it’s not easy getting down to the gym and pushing yourself as hard as you want.

You have nothing to lose coming along and trying it out as everyone gets a two week free trial. You will love it just like me and my family do. Give it a go and I’m sure you will be hooked just like us.

Loving life at The Fit House with her older daughter