Client testimonial – Johnny

Johnny, 43, a senior trader spent two years doing personal and small group training with Frazer in Singapore. He went from hating exercise to loving his training sessions. Training helped Johnny recover from a long standing injury and get into a great shape and fitness routine which he has maintained ever since.

Why work with a personal trainer rather than on your own?

Frazer pushed me further than I could ever have done by myself. In the process I became mentally and physically stronger. I also got into much better shape and recovered from some old injuries.

How did training with Frazer change your attitude to fitness?

Training became the highlight of my day instead of hanging over me, my day wasn’t complete without it. Frazer changed the way I think about movement, functional patterns and broke down the mental hurdle to regular exercise.



What did you learn?

Frazer taught me how my body worked, how it responded to movement and diet, what worked and more importantly what didn’t work.

What did you achieve through personal training? 

I achieved more than I thought possible and have not looked back. I moved overseas and away from Frazer over 18 months ago but have been able to maintain a good base level of fitness and weight loss ever since. I had been battling a lower back issue until my time with Frazer and I can now exercise freely and get back to my greatest love – golf. I’m now playing injury free for the first time in 15 years.